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The Maryland Jaycees Crab Corps is an affiliate organization of the Maryland Jaycees.  Membership in the Crab Corps demonstrates a continued support for the Maryland Jaycees, specifically for the community service provided by the Jaycees in Maryland.
The Corps is a non-profit corporation organized under title 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Its purpose is to raise funds for any charitable purposes as may be determined by the membership.  Initiation fees and donations may be tax deductible.
The Maryland Jaycees Crab Corps is affiliated with the National Coalition of Corps, an association of the more then twenty states with similar Corps organizations.
Membership is open to any member of a Maryland Jaycee chapter who has been a member for at least three years, is sponsored by a Corps "Colonel" in good standing, and completes the application and initiation requirements.

Click here for Membership Application (Adobe PDF)

The Hard Shell newsletter
The Hard Shell is a newsletter published quarterly and mailed to each member in good standing.  A colonel remains in good standing as long as he/she does not upset or agitate the Supreme Commander.  Please note that a dues payment of $15.00 (cheap) per year may have a calming effect on the Commander.

Contact the Hardshell Edtor if you would like your newsletter delivered electronically. You can not only save the Corps some postage, you may save yourself a fine - so sayeth the Commander.

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